GreenFields TX

Chosen as official playing field World Cup 2014

GreenFields TX

WK 2014In June 2014, the best hockey players in the world will be coming to the Netherlands to participate in the World Hockey Championships. For 14 days, 24 teams (women’s and men’s) from around 15 countries and five continents will be competing with each other. The Dutch National Team will be playing at prime time every day. During the Rabobank Hockey World Cup, there will be 76 top-level matches. Next to the Kyocera Stadium, accommodating 15,000 spectators, the Hockey Park will also have a GreenFields Stadium, with a capacity of 5,000 seats.

Developed together with top hockey players

GreenFields TX is an artificial turf system developed by GreenFields, a Dutch company that has set itself the mission to develop the best artificial turf in the world for every sport. An artificial turf that will raise the performance of sportsmen and women to a higher level and increase the pleasure of playing. GreenFields TX is one of the most recent innovations; one that was developed in close collaboration with both technology concern TenCate and top Dutch hockey players.

Klein Zwitserland was one of the first top hockey clubs to start using the TX field. Based on experiences by the hockey players, the artificial turf system was further perfected on a user level until a system was created that has now been crowned the best in the world by the World Cup’s organisation.

Developed for modern hockey

Hockey is perhaps the most complete sport. One that demands a lot from its sportsmen and women. Like speed. And agility. And power. And it is this mix that puts very high demands on the base that is played upon – the artificial turf. GreenFields TX was exclusively developed with an eye on playing modern, fast hockey at the very highest level.

GreenFields TX meets all requirements that modern, fast hockey demands of a playing base:

  • a high rolling speed of the ball;
  • a ball roll that is identical in all directions;
  • low friction properties – both in dry and wet circumstances;
  • suitable for slidings thanks to TenCate Monoslide™ LSR® fibre technology with structure;
  • a perfect, consistent grip (torsion);
  • rebound damping, causing the ball to remain low and enabling perfect ball control;
  • maximum shock absorption, sparing back, knees and joints, contributing to the reduction of injury risks;
  • a strong, flexible fibre, ensuring optimum positioning of the stick underneath the ball.

GreenFields Stadium in the WC Hockey Park

There can only be one winner

Achieving gold. Being the world’s best. Having people talk about them with respect. Making them the new standard. People look up to. Inspiring others. That is what our men and women hockey players are doing. And that is what we did as well. When we aimed for the top, delivering the best possible artificial turf for the World Hockey Championships. And we are very proud to have won our ‘gold’, when the organisation of the Hockey World Cup chose for our turf. It feels like the ultimate reward for years of hard work. For continuing to believe in our own technology. In our own people. In where we are headed. Now we know how the women’s hockey team must have felt when they won gold in London. Being the best. It’s the ultimate kick.