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Are you thinking about buying a new hockey field?
But how can I ensure a safe, durable, level and high-quality hockey field with a predictable and suitable ball roll?

If you are thinking about buying a new hockey field, we would like to offer you a simple one-page checklist, which details questions and answers often asked by our client base and clubs in a similar position to yourselves. Hockey is recognized as a first class sport no matter what level your club play, it is demanding of it’s players speed, agility as well as physical strength. These requirements demand the best possible hockey surface at your location as essential.

We believe your research leading you to our web page means that your field is not currently performing to the required standard and we would like to assist with your potential development, we are presuming that:

  • Your field is no longer of a consistent level causing the ball to move or bounce erratically
  • Your field surface is contaminated or uneven causing the ball to travel slowly
  • Your field may not be safe for players to physically move at speed

What to consider when buying a field

We receive a lot of questions from clubs and schools asking for our advice on the field opportunities and properties. Technology has advanced significantly in recent years and such an investment is very important to your facility.

Download the free checklist

This short and easy checklist will give you some key questions you need to ask yourself in the initial phase of the purchase process.

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