Sand dressed Hockey Fields

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Sand dressed Hockey Fields

GreenFields sand dressed hockey fields have some unique advantages over water based hockey fields. Sand dressed fields provide a budget solution suitable for multi-sports such as recreational soccer and some other ball games. They are also environmentally friendly due to no irrigation requirements. Although sand dressed hockey fields do not meet FIH Global classification, in some cases they can be awarded FIH National classification for tournament play. There are three types of sand based hockey fields: Sand Filled; Dressed and Semi Water Based.

Sand Filled Hockey Fields

Sand filled hockey fields have an open structure and the grass surface has a low density. The grass fibres are kept upright by the sand infill, ensuring a high degree of stability and wear resistance. The surface provides an even and predictable ball roll. Sand filled hockey fields are very popular with schools and municipalities due to their multifunctional use.

Dressed Hockey Fields

A dressed hockey field is one which has a partial sand infill between 66% to 80% of pile depth. This infill is enough to maintain the blades of artificial grass in a vertical position. The appearance resembles an unfilled hockey field but with a slightly longer pile height.

Semi Water Based Pitch

A semi water based hockey field (sometimes called “half sand filled”) is one which has a sand infill less than 60% of pile depth. The artificial grass surface is of a higher density than other sand based hockey fields. A built-in sprinkler system irrigates the field which provides a high quality surface similar to a water-based pitch.