Football Pitch Dimensions

What are the official dimensions for football pitches and mini pitches such as 5-a-side? The international football association FIFA has official dimensions for 11 a-side football pitches (full size) and 5 a-side pitches.

11-A-Side Football

football pitch dimensionsFor full size 11 a-side pitches, FIFA defines minimum dimensions of 45m x 90m and max dimensions of 90m x 120m. For official matches or international competition, FIFA has set minimum football pitch measurements to 64m x 100m and max to 75m x 110m.

5 A-Side Football

5 a side football pitch dimensionsFor small 5 a-side pitches the minimum regulatory dimensions are 15m x 25m, with a maximum of 42m x 25m. For official matches or international competition matches FIFA establishes a minimum of 18m x 38m up to 25m x 42m.

Rental 5 a-side football pitches have shown best results using dimensions of 20m x 30m and 20m x 40m. These dimensions correspond to the total playing area including runoff area. This runoff is recommended to be 1m wide.

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6, 7, 8 and 9 A-Side Football Pitch Measurements

Regarding other football pitch sizes, FIFA has not published any official dimensions. Basically these pitches are constructed using proportionate sizes to enable a comfortable game for players. Generally speaking these would be the measurements we recommend:

Type of football pitch Minimum dimensions Maximum dimensions
6 a-side 20m x 40m 25m x 45m
7 a-side 25m x 45m 30m x 50m
8 a-side 30m x 50m 40mx 60m
9 a-side 40m x 60m 50m x 80m


All soccer pitches regardless of size must be rectangular. Normally it is recommended that the width is 3/4 the length so that the game has the best playing ratio.

photo of a football pitch

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