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Your Field Inspired by nature.

Greenfields - Our approach

Throughout the years our innovative approach has been inspired by nature. It has resulted in GreenFields becoming the leading synthetic turf company with the most original and technologically advanced product portfolio on the market. Whether it is GreenFields’ v-slide, v-shape, TriMension or MX product, they have all changed the boundaries of playing quality and performance.

“Innovation inspired by nature” stands for our persistent ambition to develop the most natural looking synthetic turf in the world. This approach has taken GreenFields to the pinnacle of world sport, and is a cornerstone for the continued success of our company.

A selection of our Football products are listed below, and a complete referencelist with projects can be send to you on request.


The XP fibre offers superior playing comfort with a natural appearance and a soft surface for players. What makes this fibre authentic is the extraordinary durability. Even after more than 50.000 cycles no wear is visible because of its high split resistance. As a result XP synthetic turf systems are far more resistant to constant wear than any other fibrillated grass fibre available today. Therefore it is most suitable for futsal pitches, mini-pitches, multi-purpose pitches and full size pitches where heavy traffic is common and no control on the kind of footwear is possible.

Recent Projects

  • Leeds University – United Kingdom
  • Helmond Sport – Netherlands
  • Tacna Pitch – Chile
  • University of Tokyo – Japan
  • Alloa FC – United Kingdom
  • Rockmount – Ireland
  • Sportski Centar – Serbia
  • Caldergen Sports Complex – United Kingdom

Slide Pro / Slide Pro XT

GreenFields synthetic turf systems with slide pro fibers set a new standard for the long lasting performance of sports surfaces. The core of the slide pro fibre functions as a flexible spine providing a high resilience even after heavy use. As a consequence the slide pro systems provide excellent playing qualities especially when it comes to ball roll. Through the duo-tone make up and the softness of the fibres, these systems offer everything players desire. But the slide pro does not only look good when new -it will keep its natural look and feel after intensive play and extensive use.

Recent Projects

  • Al Biereh – Palestinea
  • Albyn Park – United Kingdom
  • Ashania Sportplatz – Germany
  • Breimsbygda Idrettslag – Norway
  • Calderglen Sports Complex – United Kingdom
  • Commune de Zarzis – Tunis
  • East Lothian – United Kingdom
  • FC St. Pauli 1910 – Germany

Evolution XQ

The Evolution XQ is another fiber offered by GreenFields with a shape that is quite similar to natural grass: an arch-shaped fiber with a durable backbone providing resilience and strength at the same time. The polymer of the fibre is based on TenCate XQ™ Technology resulting in an exceptional split resistance compared to conventional turf fibres. The combination of all these characteristics enhances the performance of the sporting surface in view of ball-roll, ball bounce, resistance, and sliding friendliness. As a consequence players will enjoy the game just like on natural turf, and that’s what it is all about.

Recent Projects

  • Almere City FC – Netherlands
  • Briskeby Stadion – Norway
  • Haslev Stadion – Sweden
  • Hellebjerg Sportscollege – Denmark
  • Stockholm – Sweden
  • Avv Swift – Netherlands
  • Inter Training Stadium – Slovakia
  • Schaffhausen – Switzerland
  • Sundsvall – Sweden
  • Drammen – Norway

V shape / V slide

GreenFields developed a natural looking fibre: a V-shaped fibre, inspired by nature, replicating the shape of natural grass. The patented V-shape with a backbone provides resilience and strength at the same time. Due to the shape and the strength of the backbone, the ball is carried by the fibres leaving enough space for the players to get their foot under the ball. This allows players to kick the ball in a natural way. In combination with a natural look and feel and a soft and natural touch, players will enjoy the game just like on natural turf, but with the extended advantages of synthetic turf.

Recent Projects

  • Bahrain International School – Bahrain
  • Ghazi Stadium – Afghanistan
  • Kwara Stadium – Nigeria
  • Faslane Naval Base – United Kingdom
  • Cambil – Spain
  • DESZ – Netherlands


TriMension systems consist of fiber combinations whereas the trilobal shaped fibre, as a supportive fibre, is manufactured lower than the main playing fibre. As a result the ball is carried by the trilobal fibres leaving enough space for the players to kick a ball as they are used to. TriMension systems offer great playability as the elastic resistance and the structured function of the fibres offer superior ball roll, perfect ball bounce, natural resistance, and a sliding friendly surface, even after extensive use. Players will experience TriMension football turf systems like “coming home”.

Recent Projects

  • DnB Nor Arena – Norway
  • Harvesters Football Club – United Kingdom
  • Hodvoll – Norway
  • Kopparvallen – Sweden
  • Noblejas – Spain
  • Rynholec – Czech Republic


With a tradition of commitment to the design and development of sustainable synthetic turf systems, GreenFields has developed the real next generation of football turf – MX Green Generation. Based upon a new patented triple “W-weaving” technique in combination with environmentally safe and healthy materials, this new synthetic turf design is 100% recyclable. Furthermore, compared to the conventional tufting method, this patented weaving technique enables a higher density up to 75.000 dTex, ensures an enhanced tuft binding and allows for a combination of 6 different fibre types and various fibre heights.

Recent Projects

  • Botkyra IP – Sweden
  • Gulskogen Arena – Norway
  • Sportanlage Buhl – Switzerland
  • Tollnes Fotboll – Norway
  • VV HHC – Netherlands
  • Nyon – Switzerland

A complete and up to date reference list can be requested through our contactform