Artificial Turf Manufacturing facilities

Company profile

Greenfields - Artificial Turf Manufacturing

The GreenFields® head office and artificial turf manufacturing facility of 24 000 m2 is located in Genemuiden, The Netherlands. This state-of-the-art facility is designed to reduce CO2 emission and reflects our environmental awareness.

With departments for manufacturing, construction, installation and development together with a unique and also complete in-house laboratory we are proud mention that this makes GreenFields innovative and unequalled within the synthetic sports turf industry. A dedicated team works on cost effective but quality products but will always focus on developing new artificial turf surfaces for the international sports industry.

Global artificial turf production facilities

With additional production facilities in South Africa, Korea, Algeria and United Arab Emirates and strong alliances with artificial turf manufacturers in Australia, Russia and North America we are geared to meet the needs of the global synthetic sports turf market.