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Artificial Turf Installation


Do you consider Replacing Your Pitch?

Before you make any decision to replace your grass pitch consider the following questions carefully:

  • Do you want to maximize the usage of your pitch?
  • Do you want to use the same pitch for more than one sport such as football and rugby?
  • Do you want lower maintenance costs?
  • Do you want a pitch that meets International Governing Body Approval?
  • Do you need a multi-purpose pitch?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes then you should be seriously considering a GreenFields synthetic turf pitch.

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About our systems

Our synthetic turf systems have been formally approved by international governing bodies of sport including FIFA, IRB and FIH. Also, the governing bodies have approved specific GreenFields turf systems for multi-sport use. For community and multi sports clubs this is a real step forward in getting the best quality playing surface for all your users, not just one sport.

Currently, grass pitches can withstand no more than 6-7 hours usage a week before they start to suffer.

With artificial turf you can get at least 40-50 hours per week usage and maintenance costs which are typically only 25% of a traditional grass pitch. Case studies that shows the savings other clubs have made are available on request.

In areas where there is a high level of rainfall, maintaining a grass pitch for sports such as rugby and football can be a nightmare. Just one game can seriously damage a grass pitch. Equally, in countries where there is low rainfall, the cost and environmental impact of constantly watering a grass pitch to keep it in playable condition can be very significant. Some football clubs use as much as 50,000 litres of water a day to keep their grass pitches in good condition.  With artificial turf the amount of water required is minimal, cutting costs and helping the environment.


Artificial Turf Installation

If your synthetic turf pitch is in need of replacement, you must be aware of the fact that artificial turf technology has developed and improved significantly bringing major improvements to the flexibility, consistency and overall playing experience.

Before you decide on a replacement, consider what you need from a new pitch – artificial turf that delivers an excellent and consistent playing surface and that is manufactured to an accredited standard.

GreenFields is a FIFA Preferred Producer of Football Turf; our Rugby Turf is approved by the IRB and our Hockey Turf is approved by the FIH. This means that you can install GreenFields’ Turf safe in the knowledge that it is designed and approved to a global standard.  If you need multi-sport usage we also have accredited turf systems that can be used for either football and rugby or football and hockey ensuring that you get maximum utilization of your pitch.

GreenFields – Tailor Made Solutions

Whatever your choice, GreenFields experts will work with you to understand your exact requirements and provide you with the optimum tailor made solution. We offer a turnkey service, from helping you to choose exactly the right sort of turf for your needs through to project management, installation and maintenance.

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