Advanced Shockpads

Greenfields - Shock absorption / energy restitution

Advanced Shockpads to optimize the Artificial Turf installation

The performance of an artificial turf system is not only dependent on the actual artificial turf. Advanced shock pads and quality infill systems also play a significant role in ensuring maximum safety, playability and longevity for artificial turf systems. We source or develop top quality shock pad and infill systems in conjunction with leading manufacturer, Airlastic. Airlastic products are designed to offer the complete shock pad and infill solutions required by the sports industry.

Artificial turf infill products

Airlastic develops and markets a whole range of infill products that are all environmentally friendly and, in most cases can be recycled as well. Developments are focused on performance, durability and environment as well as economic viability. Artificial turf systems rely on professional installation to ensure optimum performance and product lifespan. Our in-house installation teams have extensive experience in the construction and installation of all forms of shock pads, and work closely with local labour and clients to ensure the required level of guidance is achieved.