In-Situ Elastic Layer

Pitch Construction

In-situ shock pads or E-layers (EL, ET, Ecocept) are elastic layers which are laid with specialist equipment, as a durable and well-draining sports technical layer.

In-situ layers are often 10-30 mm thick and are constructed from rubber granules bounded and encapsulated with a PU binder.

ET layers also function as a stable foundation with added stone and are generally thicker (35 mm). Optionally recycled material such as recycled infill or recycled artificial turf (Ecocept) can be used instead of stone, reducing the ecological footprint substantially.

TenCate Ecocept

TenCate Ecocept® Performance Sports Base is an innovative new type of porous pavement specially developed to use below synthetic sports turf surfaces. The base acts as a combined structural layer and shock pad to ensure a stable surface whilst also reducing the loads experienced by players.

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