Performance layer

Pitch Construction

The performance layer is an optional but often necessary addition to the artificial grass system. The performance layer provides shock absorption and returns energy to both player and ball for a natural game experience.

There are various options in the market; the type of performance layer must be complementary to the infill choice to achieve the desired sports technical performance. Performance layers are available in many materials, thicknesses and densities; on a roll, in tile form, or mixed and constructed on location.

GreenFields guarantees a good performance fit for purpose by internal system testing and external validation by independent test institutes. For horizontal drainage we have several prefab and In-situ solutions not listed below.

Existing shock pad

At the end of life of the artificial grass pitch, your existing prefab shock pad or in-situ layer may still meet the sport-technical requirements for a renovation. After a technical assessment of the shock pad, it can be decided to re-use it, which is a considerable cost saving. If the pad is not conform the norms anymore it will be taken out and recycled.

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