3 Jul 2019

Artificial Grass Maintenance

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It can be a common perception that artificial surfaces once installed can be left and don’t require any maintenance. However, this is completely incorrect, it is crucial that artificial pitches are maintained correctly in order to retain their excellent playing characteristics and visual appeal as well as prolonging the life cycle of the surface for as long as possible.

The life span of the surface is directly related to the amount of use and the quality of the maintenance that takes place. Daily, weekly and monthly in-house maintenance should be undertaken as well as a more in-depth quarterly specialist maintenance visit. These are detailed below:

Daily Maintenance

On a daily basis we would recommend the following:

- Goals and nets- inspect for damage and repair ensuring no sharp edges are protruding from the goal post structures

- Net holders- stretch the nets using the net tension ties before the game begins, make sure that, after the game, the tension is released from the nets

- Corner flags- visually inspect the corner posts for breaks or damaged anchorage points

- Artificial turf- conduct a general inspection of the field, checking for any damage to the grass, joints or infill

Weekly Maintenance

This should focus on the condition of the grass and should include:

- Surface cleaning- collecting any debris by hand or leaf blower as appropriate

- Re-levelling infill- high use areas e.g. the goal mouths will require particular attention, the re-levelling of the infill can be achieved by brushing the field in the appropriate areas

Monthly Maintenance

This should include:

- Removal of weeds, algae and moss- this can be achieved by hand and by using recommended chemicals as appropriate

- Inspection of seams- these should be checked for damage and if found should be reported to your pitch installer immediately to prevent any spreading of the damage

- Checking sand infill levels- for sand dressed surfaces to ensure that the infill has not migrated to particular areas of the pitch

GreenFields can advise and train your staff on the daily, weekly and monthly maintenance required for your artificial pitch.

Quarterly Maintenance

GreenFields can provide the crucial external maintenance required which prevents long term problems with your pitch as well as extending the life cycle. This can include:

- Decompaction

Regular decompactions are essential for 3G pitches to ensure that the surface is even throughout with no hard areas. It is a more vigorous technique than standard daily maintenance and provides your pitch with the required lift it needs to perform at its optimum level.

- Power Sweeping

A build-up of contaminants and debris can often take place on artificial surfaces. Power sweeping combats this issue removing this build-up before long term problems arise.

- Drag Brushing

The infill with play can often move around an artificial pitch. Drag brushing evens out the surface again distributing the infill equally and supporting the turf fibres across the whole pitch.

- Repairs

It can sometimes be necessary to carry out repairs in order to extend the life cycle of your pitch. GreenFields are fully equipped to repair your sports pitch and can carry out services such as seam repairs, infill top ups, line remarking and more.

Like everything in life, artificial pitches have a life span, typically this is approximately 10 years. If your pitch is at the end of its life cycle, GreenFields can support and advise you through the different steps to acquiring a new synthetic pitch, contact us here to find out more.

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