23 Oct 2009

GreenFields Awarded FIFA Preferred Producer Status

This acknowledges the sustained efforts of GreenFields to offer the game and football players the best playing conditions worldwide. The FIFA quality concept for synthetic football turf was developed to standardise the quality of football pitches and to guarantee the safety of football players. As a worldwide producer of high quality synthetic turf systems, GreenFields has been at the forefront of the research, development and innovation.

“We see the FIFA Preferred Producer Program as a decisive step for the market and the industry in general and especially for the development of GreenFields. Sustainability is the key issue these days. The FIFA concept fits our vision and philosophy to create perfect durable playing conditions all over the world. Accordingly we have continuously adapted our organisation on all levels."

Hugo de Vries, Managing Director, GreenFields


Every FIFA Preferred Producer is a manufacturer of football turf who is an established FIFA Quality Concept Licensee and can provide additional expertise in civil engineering and project management. As FIFA Preferred Producer GreenFields goes beyond the traditional supplier/installer scenario by continually improving the quality of its integrated products and services. Thanks to this approach GreenFields takes full responsibility for the production, installation and maintenance of artificial football turf from inception to completion.


The FIFA Preferred Producer Initiative is a worldwide program introduced to improve the quality of synthetic football turf at all levels of the game by setting firm obligations and requirements at each stage of the football turf lifecycle, the manufacturing, the installation and the maintenance. The high standards set and enforced by the FIFA Preferred Producer initiative provides clubs and players with a guarantee that turf produced and installed by FIFA Preferred Producers is of the highest standard and meets consumer requirements.

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