20 Jun 2012

World's First IRB/ FIFA Approved Dual Use Pitch at Maidenhead RFC

Tags:Football · Rugby

Maidenhead Rugby Union Football Club (MRUFC) is to become the home of the very first new ‘One Turf’ pitch. This is the new global specification for dual use pitches which has been approved by both the IRB (World Rugby) and FIFA and delivers the best possible playing surface for both sports.

” The IRB welcomes this initiative at Maidenhead as it reinforces the One Turf concept which supports multi sport usage of high quality surfaces through installations by IRB Preferred Turf Producers”.

Steve Griffiths, Head of Technical Services, IRB

In November 2009 the IRB and FIFA reached a “Memorandum of Understanding” to research and develop a common “One Turf” synthetic product suitable for both sports which would require the IRB to lower their current 65mm minimum pile height requirement to that of FIFA at 60mm. In May 2012 the IRB, following further detailed research and a significant testing programme approved a change to their Regulation 22 Performance Specification to allow for a 60mm pile height in line with FIFA. GreenFields being a IRB preferred turf producer (PTP) and a FIFA preferred producer (FPP) have proudly researched and developed systems in line with these changes and are now able to deliver the very first innovative first class “One Turf” dual purpose pitch at Maidenhead RFC.

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