2 Sep 2013

Installation of GreenFields TX at Dutch Wagener Stadium


Next year the Hockey World Cup will take place in The Hague from the 31 May - 5 June. GreenFields is very proud that the KNHB has chosen GreenFields TX as the official pitch. In order to provide the best training facilities for the teams who have already qualified for the tournament, the GreenFields TX pitches are being installed at several hockey clubs in The Netherlands. Most of the pitches are installed in the area of The Hague but other clubs in The Netherlands have also chosen this WC pitch.

Wagener Stadium

"The new pitch at the Wagener Stadium is a top field! A fast and tight field with good ball bounce. The ball rolls evenly in all directions which makes it possible to play a fast and perfect game."

Floris Evers, Player, AHBC & Former Dutch National Team

The Wagener Stadium in Amstelveen has traditionally been the scene of hockey matches for national teams. Several events such as the Champions Trophy and European Championships have taken place here followed now by the Hockey World Cup. As a result of the new GreenFields TX pitch, the Wagener Stadium is available for all competitions at the highest level.

With the pitch now in situ prior to the world cup it is receiving lots of positive feedback, the field hockey players find it enjoyable to play, the ball rolls flat and there is optimal ball control.

GreenFields TX training pitches are installed at HC Naarden, HC De Terriers, Ringpass and HCKZ. The clubs can ask the KNHB to be a training facility for international teams, so the teams can prepare themselves in the best possible way for the World Cup next year. Max Caldas, coach of the Dutch Women team has chosen HCKZ as a training facility. The benefit for the club is that there are already two GreenFields TX pitches installed.

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