1 Jun 2015

First GreenFields TX Field in Ireland Installed at Monkstown Hockey Club

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This summer, GreenFields will be responsible for the installation of the first ever GreenFields TX water based field in Ireland, the product supplied is identical to that chosen for the Hockey World Cup venues in 2014. The field is to be constructed at the joint complex of the Rathdown School and Monkstown Hockey Club in Dun Laoghaire; just south of Dublin.

Impressive and Extensive History

Monkstown Hockey Club was founded in 1894, and is one of the oldest hockey clubs in Ireland as well as the most successful, with an impressive record of junior and senior championships alike. The ladies teams in particular, enjoy a high rate of success; in the 2012-13 season they were crowned both Ladies Division 5 Champions and Cup Winners respectively, and last year, Monkstown won the European Champions Trophy for their club. Former international hockey player Graham Shaw is head coach of the men’s first team, who with 151 caps is quite the celebrity Hockey star in Ireland. The club has also gained a reputation for its youth division: they train roughly 300 juniors, which is the largest in the country.

Youth and Exercise

The installation of the GreenFields TX field is a joint initiative and investment of the club and girls boarding School Rathdown, having many students at the school actively supporting Monkstown. The new state of the art facility underlines their sporting ambitions for their students: to offer the best conditions for the athletes to reach peak condition and performance. However, the field is not solely for the perusal of Monkstown and Rathdown: it creates an excellent facility for anyone and everyone to participate in regular exercise. GreenFields TX has made it possible for other schools and teams in the surrounding region to make use of the facilities, since the quality of the turf means it will be suitable for play 24 hours a day, all year round. The new pitch will be ready for use by September, in line with the start of the new hockey season and school term.

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