2 Feb 2016

The Cruyff Foundation Comes to the North: First Cruyff Court Outside of London in Anfield, Liverpool

GreenFields are proud to announce the official opening of the new Johan Cruyff Foundation Cruyff Court in Anfield – Liverpool. The new court is part of a £260 million regeneration of Anfield, courtesy of funding partners Liverpool City Council, Liverpool Football Club and Your Housing Group, working together to improve housing and sporting facilities in the area.

There are currently only two existing courts in the UK, both of which reside in London: Cruyff Court Dennis Bergkamp and Cruyff Court Tottenham Hotspur – the Anfield Sports and Community Centre Cruyff Court will be the first outside of the UK’s capital, and the first which GreenFields have installed.

The pitch is constructed using a new TenCate Ecocept™ Performance Sports Base, which utilises a 50/50 mix of recycled rubber and plastic, and saves roughly 140 tonnes of materials from landfill for every full size pitch. This system gives an improved shock absorbency for players, due to the stability of the base, and provides several functions in a single layer.

Since the opening of the first Court in 2003, the Cruyff Foundation has built more than 200 Cruyff Courts in close relation with TenCate, who has been a partner for more than 10 years at home and overseas: in countries including Argentina, South Africa, and Brazil. Founded by Dutch ex-professional footballer Johan Cruyff in 1997, the Foundation has since become an organisation which initiates and supports various projects aimed at encouraging young people to regularly participate in physical activity, whilst providing a safe environment.

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