31 Jan 2018

East Fife FC Become the Latest Scottish Club to Choose GreenFields MX

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Bayview Stadium, home to East Fife FC has become the latest Scottish club to select the innovative GreenFields MX Elite, a woven 3G artificial sports system for its new pitch.

Scottish League One side, East Fife FC follows in the footsteps of neighbours- Falkirk United FC, Kelty Hearts FC and Alloa Athletic FC, the latter who are now playing on their second MX woven pitch.

East Fife FC, situated on Scotland’s East coast has in the past missed the worst of Scotland’s extreme weather but despite the efforts of volunteers has still had to cancel games. This combined with the rising cost of maintaining a grass pitch and a desire to turn East Fife FC into a community club persuaded East Fife and Fifers for the Community (FFTC) to plan the installation of a 3G pitch.

In Spring 2017, Fifers for the Community (FFTC) secured funding for the new synthetic pitch through the Scottish Football Partnership, Sportscotland and Fife Council with additional fundraising by the group.

"Every team who has visited us since the new surface was laid has commented on how well it plays. We have only received positive feedback from both professional and casual users.”

Liam Anderson, East Fife FC’s Player Liaison Director

FFTC Chairman, Allan Duthie who was part of the fundraising campaign couldn’t be happier with the impact the new pitch has had on the community as well as the additional revenue gained for the club, he commented: “Within a couple of weeks of opening, the pitch was almost fully booked Monday-Friday evenings. FFTC have also hosted several other events, two of which were tournaments and attracted in excess of 300 young players and a similar number of visitors through our gates. Now our core hours are filled we are looking at local primary schools who have the potential to use the pitch during the day.”

The decision to opt for a GreenFields synthetic product was borne from playing away matches and visits to the other Scottish clubs to experience their 3G all weather pitches in action.

GreenFields MX Elite offers superior playing characteristics to its tufted counterparts. The patented woven technology results in an extremely high tuft bind forcing the fibres to stand straighter and more closely resemble natural grass.

Mal Lyons, Sales Development Coordinator at GreenFields comments: “We have seen many Scottish football and rugby teams converting to our 3G woven system due to the high level of play possible and the reduction of cancellations in comparison to a natural pitch.”

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