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Kassam Stadium (Oxford United F.C.)

Oxford, UK

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Location: Oxford, UK

Product: XtraGrass

Date: Summer 2015

Project Description:

Oxford United F.C. selected GreenFields to install their hybrid system- XtraGrass, which is a natural grass turf reinforced with artificial fibres. The full sized 114m x 73m (8,322m²) pitch was installed widthways over the contours of the pitch in 3650mm wide rolls with the rolls then seamed together by the GreenFields UK specialist seaming team. The installation took place during the break between seasons allowing grass seed to be applied which when fully grown constituted up to 93% natural grass per m². For a professional finish, synthetic turf was used to provide logo mats around the pitch which incorporates the GreenFields logo and the club’s classic ox head logo. The GreenFields Grounds Team are now employed at The Kassam Stadium and are specialised in maintaining and maximising the performance of XtraGrass.


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