Case story

St Clere's School

Essex, UK

Location: Essex, England

Product: GreenFields MX Elite 50

Date: Summer 2018

Project Description:

St Clere’s School is one of six schools in Essex forming the Osborne Co-operative Academy Trust. The school opted for our high-spec woven product, GreenFields MX Elite for their new 3G pitch. GreenFields MX Elite is in situ at some of the top football clubs in the UK and offers an advanced playing experience. The patented woven technology results in an extremely high tuft bind forcing the fibres to stand even straighter and to more closely resemble natural grass. The new pitch measuring 106 x 71 (7526m²) was constructed to accommodate various football matches with white lines integrally cut in for full sized play and additional yellow and blue lines painted on for 5v5 and 9v9 fixtures. The completed pitch successfully passed FIFA Quality testing criteria and GreenFields arranged for professional photography to be taken of the new pitch to support the school in their marketing materials.

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