Green Generation Turf

Balancing modernisation and green production

If we are honest, we all would have to conclude that nothing has really changed since the introduction of synthetic turf. The 3rd and even a possible 4th generation of turfs are simply a redesign, a better version of course, but definitely not a revolution. We firmly believe that the next generation of synthetic turfs must provide answers to a new challenge; striking a balance between sportive demands and ecological and social imperatives. Guided by our principle “Innovation inspired by nature” we have invested significant time, effort and capital into developing sustainable solutions. We see the introduction of the Green Generation Turf as the natural development of synthetic turf.

Towards the Green Generation

Towards the Green GenerationBalancing modernisation and green production With the new manufacturing facility of 24 000 m² GreenFields realised its vision of how synthetic turf should be produced, and set a new industry standard by striking a perfect balance between modernisation and clean production processes. GreenFields is systematically improving its environmental production performance by controlling resource consumption as efficiently as possible. These newly implemented technologies have tangible benefits for the environment; reducing energy and water consumption, carbon dioxide emissions as well as reducing waste and wastewater.
Today, product development begins with thinking about tomorrow Sustainable products are those products providing environmental and social benefits while protecting health and the environment over their entire lifecycle – from raw material to recycling. We strive to combine innovation with environmental protection and regard it as our responsibility to ensure that our products are safe for people and the environment. This begins with the selection of the right raw materials and the development of recycling-friendly designs. It goes without saying that GreenFields’ fibres already meet the most stringent environmental standards. But, recycling artificial grass is still difficult as its structure consists of different components that cannot easily be separated.

We have developed a unique solution

We focus our research and development on the application of innovative and environmentally-friendly production solutions related to sustainable product development inspired by nature. As a response to social change and environmental demands, GreenFields’ Green Generation Turf – an environmentally-friendly synthetic turf is 100% recyclable.