FIFA Preferred Producer


As a FIFA Preferred Producer, GreenFields meets the stringent, professional standards set by their quality turf programme.

FIFA’s aim to protect the interests of consumers and to ensure football turf systems adhere to quality, performance and safety standards fits in with our philosophy to create flawless playing surfaces. At all levels of the game GreenFields is there to provide you with the pitch to best fit your requirements.



GreenFields were awarded Preferred Producer Status in October 2009 and are one of only nine preferred producers worldwide who has received this prestigious mark of quality having the ability to provide superior football turf installations.


Proud to Pass the New FIFA Quality Marks

In 2015, FIFA released a new test manual introducing a more stringent set of quality standards that new football pitches should adhere to. The GreenFields Research & Development team have redeveloped our product range to ensure each item meets these new industry standards. We are proud that our synthetic football turf is able
to meet the specifications in the FIFA QUALITY PROGRAMME

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