18 Jun 2020

MX Elite for Norwegian football club I.L Kvernbit

Norway, Frekhaug

I.L Kvernbit, a Norwegian football club in the small village Frekhaug in Hordaland, gave feedback on their new playing surface; the GreenFields MX Elite, installed by our Norwegian partner PST: 

"We are extremely pleased with the new turf, installed on our new 11 a-side-pitch and in the new football hall. The new pitch, and this type of infill (TPE), is the closest you can get to natural grass.

The feedback from all our active members is extremely good, and many of the clubs that have been here to play matches are extremely impressed with the quality and playing experience.

Another advantage is that only extremely little infill leaves our pitch, which is very beneficial for the environment. This also applies to the football hall - where we expected a lot of infill in our dressing rooms, but also there this has been no issue. We are very pleased with that.

Furthermore, I would also like to thank PST and GreenFields for a fantastic service. We are very impressed with the wonderful and professional way you work. So, when the time comes and we are going to change turf on our older pitch, we know exactly who to turn to.” 
Mvh Trond Egil

MX Elite is a high-tech woven system that delivers ultimate performance. The patented woven technology results in an extremely high tuft bond which makes the fibres even more straight. The combination of our very best artificial grass fibres result in a very durable track that has the very best gaming properties one can achieve on an artificial turf track. 

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