20 Dez 2019

Greenfields DT Elite Multisports pitch at Club Unión de Panamá


GreenFields has recently installed a new multisport artificial pitch at Club Unión de Panamá; the premier private club in the Republic of Panama, founded in 1909.

GreenFields installed a DT Elite 50 mm turf, which is ideal for amateur and semi-professional clubs who have a high rate of usage and require a durable, professional playing surface. Club Unión is using the GreenFields DT Elite pitch for multiple sports such as Football, Ultimate Frisbee, Flag Football and Baseball.

The following key benefits made Club Unión choose this turf:

  • Improved infill movement reducing player injury
  • Natural look due to the mixture of three fibres
  • High resilience due to the Evolution yarn
  • Strong durability and excellent split resistance

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