12 Nov 2018

GreenFields Evolution Elite receives FIFA Quality Pro & World Rugby certification for the FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup Stadium

Tags:Fußball · Rugby · Tuftrasen

The Charrúa Stadium recently selected to install an Evolution Elite pitch from GreenFields, making this facility the first in Uruguay to have FIFA Quality Pro and World Rugby certification. The stadium is one of three in the country that will play host to the FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup, starting tomorrow (13th November) until the 1st of December. The Charrúa Stadium is the chosen venue not only for some group games and two quarter-finals, but also for both semi-finals and the World Cup final.

In Montevideo, Evolution Elite was chosen because it combines the benefits of incredible wear resistance with a natural looking appearance. It plays well and looks great for years to come. The improved fibres use a patented rhomboid shape to remain upright and giving consistent playing performance. When compressed, the fibres twist rather than bend, meaning they continue to bounce back upright, even after extended Lisport testing.

The system installed in the Charrúa Stadium also includes a ProGame shockpad from Trocellen, providing exceptional cushioning for athletes’ joints and muscles and also aimed at reducing wear on the field.

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