6 Mrz 2018

GreenFields launches new non-infill artificial turf with enhanced playability: GreenFields MX NF!

Launching a WOVEN non-filled artificial grass!

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GreenFields is introducing a real game-changer, its innovative new GreenFields MX Non-Fill Turf, a high-performance alternative to infill football turf that delivers natural ball performance and ideal player footing. This new turf, designed to give FIFA Quality Pro performance, is created using the company's patented woven turf technology, is more economical to maintain, quicker to install and won't raise any of the environmental or health concerns that surround certain infill material. It's also easier to recycle than infilled turf.

For years, infill football turf has provided athletes with a positive playing experience, ensuring the proper shoe grip, player support and ball movement. Nonetheless, in many instances, infilled turf isn't a suitable solution. Cost and time concerns involved in installation are factors, as are long-term economic issues. The infill material can migrate from the turf, causing extra cleaning and maintenance costs as well as potential environmental and health concerns. What's more, infill requires periodic decompaction, to restore pitch performance and optimal drainage, which represents a further ongoing expense.

These drawbacks mean that non-infill solutions are often the better choice. To date, however, non-infill turf products have struggled to recreate the positive properties that come with infill turf, including "true" ball reactions and long-lasting performance on shoe grip and shock absorption. Problems with feet slipping, on the one hand, or sticking, on the other, have raised concerns over risks to players . In addition, there is the matter of overall player experience, with issues such as the ability to get their foot under the ball or to plant their standing leg as firmly as possible causing user dissatisfaction.

The GreenFields MX Non-Fill Turf addresses all of those challenges. The weave technology used to produce "always-upright" fibres ensures proper ball bounce and roll, sure-footed grip (by preventing shoe slide) and easy under-the-ball access, while the tensile strength of the fibres themselves guarantees the longevity of this superior performance.

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