23 Jul 2018

Most northern professional football club in the world enthusiastic about GreenFields MX Elite

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Tromsø IL, the most northern professional football club in the world, gave some positive feedback about their new playing surface after the first couple of training sessions and matches. Our partner PST Sportanlegg installed the pitch in July of this year at the Alfheim Stadium, the home of Tromsø IL, in a spectacular surrounding, with the stadium so close to the city center and the mountains on the background.

The GreenFields MX Elite pitch offers Tromsø IL the very best performance characteristics for their professional players, thanks to the patented high-tech woven technology ensuring a high tuft bind. The woven product makes the fibres stand up straight in all circumstances and facilitates positive infill movement, optimizing performance. Even spacing between the tufts ensures equal ball roll in every direction. MX Elite combines a mixture of top performing yarns: Evolution®, diamond and trilobal shaped. This perfect fibre combination results in an optimum playing surface with a natural look as well as ultimate resilience.

Installing this pitch gives the club the opportunity to use it more often. In addition, players gave positive feedback regarding restitution after games and training.

“It’s like night and day, the old pitch was like and old and bumpy road in Finnmark while the new one is like an autobahn in Germany”

Morten Gamst Pedersen

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