14 Sep 2018

New stadium from SC Kriens, Stadion Kleinfeld, is installing GreenFields MX Elite

Tags:Fußball · Geweberasen · MX

Being part of the Challenge League, football club SC Kriens in Switzerland had to upgrade their stadium to meet certain standards. With their future plans taken in mind, they decided to build a new stadium, including a woven MX Elite pitch.

The club has made the decision to install GreenFields MX Elite because at this level of football, they need a top class pitch. The MX Elite pitch will offer them optimal performance characteristics for the professional players. In addition it guarantees a high tuft bind, fibres that always stand straight and an equal ball roll in every direction. As Managing Director Bruno Galliker explains in his statement to Zentralplus, he is very happy with the turf: “We can always train on it and do not have to spare it.” Also, a big advantages he mentions is that this pitch gives the youth teams the chance to experience playing in a stadium.

We wish the team of SC Kriens good luck during their first match in which they will be fighting for important points.

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