GreenFields' ECO-range sustainable artificial grass systems


The artificial sports surfaces industry needs a global focus on sustainability to make synthetic turf as ‘green’ as possible and improve its sustainability and impact on the environment over the whole life cycle.

GreenFields has always been at the forefront of innovation and improving sustainability; being one of the first to utilise natural infill within our turf systems and continue to lead the way in high-end non-filled systems for sports applications.

The GreenFields ECO-range covers a full range of turf systems, from entry level to high-end, with a selection of eco-friendly options covering system design, natural infills, recycling efficacy, material selection and production methods. The range comprises of synthetic turf systems that are robustly classified as having a low impact on the environment. The classification for each system is expressed with an environment-label, designed to cover the most important aspects for a sustainable system including: the material footprint, the carbon footprint, and the end-of-life recycling potential.

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