Our long-standing partnership with the Cruyff Foundation

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TenCate Grass, the parent company of GreenFields, has a longstanding partnership with the Johan Cruyff Foundation; a cooperation that began in 2003. The Cruyff Foundation, founded by the legendary football player Johan Cruyff, is regarded as a major authority on sports for children and related social projects.


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Making it possible for everyone to play, now and in the future

The Johan Cruyff Foundation supports and develops sports activities for children around the world by giving them a space where they can develop, space to make friends and space where they can improve their physical and mental health. In short; space to get the best out of themselves.

TenCate Grass also aims to make it possible for everyone to play, now and in the future. Because of this common goal, the Johan Cruyff Foundation and TenCate Grass work together; they strengthen and inspire each other.

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