Hockey is one of the most demanding sports for players - it requires speed, agility and strength, which means that the surface it is played on, must comply with certain standards. Artificial turf has become an essential part of field hockey. It provides a durable, quick and responsive surface, creating an excellent field for any level of field hockey. The crucial factors here are the type of material and fibres used as well as the technical properties and quality required of the field.

GreenFields has many years of experience in the design and construction of professional water based and sand based artificial hockey pitches, and is proud to be able to install these in line with the strict standards set by the FIH (International Hockey Federation).

GreenFields is an FIH Preferred Supplier with FIH certified fields in many different countries, including Australia, India, the Netherlands, England, South Africa and Chile. A hockey field approved by the FIH offers a professional grade playing surface that is suitable for competitive matches from local league to major tournaments such as The Olympic Games and the Hockey World Cup. Our hockey systems are used for world-class championships and by elite clubs and are endorsed by top sporting professionals across the game. 

Our in-house R&D team maintains a strong dedication and commitment to developing and implementing ground breaking technologies and environmentally friendly systems. GreenFields hockey systems benefit from this investment ensuring high quality, durable fields.

FIH Preferred Supplier

GreenFields is an preferred supplier for the FIH (International Hockey Federation). Our hockey turf fields have been designed to comply with FIH global and national classification standards. A hockey field approved by the FIH offers a professional grade playing surface that is suitable for all competitive matches including major tournaments such as The Olympic Games, Hockey World Cup and Hockey Junior World Cup.

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