The Company


Part of the TenCate Grass Division, GreenFields is a global artificial grass supplier and innovator of sports turf technology. We have a breadth of experience in the supply and installation of synthetic sports turf systems and take pride in our strong relationships and partnerships with distributors and sports associations around the world.

Our Mission

To bring innovation and quality to sports turf technology for the good of both the players and the game by continually developing new high-tech turf systems.

ESTC & GreenFields

The EMEA Synthethic Turf Council is ensuring quality turf and provides information that helps clients and end-uses to find the most suitable solutions in synthetic turf systems. GreenFields' partnership with ESTC ensures our contribution to partnering within the industry, sharing knowledge and co-creation. By participating in this network we strive to improve and innovate our products and the industry as a whole. 


Artificial turf is widely used and accepted by the sports community, becoming popular back in 1966 when astro turf was first installed. Many people are unaware that AstroTurf is a brand and is trademarked, forty years later synthetic turf has developed immensely with GreenFields products designed to provide excellent comfort, safety and professional play.

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