GreenFields is a global manufacturer of premium artificial and hybrid turf sport pitches.

GreenFields is a global supplier and innovator of sports turf technology. GreenFields is specialized in the development, production, installation and maintenance of synthetic and hybrid sports turf systems. As a highly experienced artificial grass company, we provide excellent quality and innovative products enhanced by our turnkey solution. GreenFields artificial grass is used by top clubs around the world and endorsed by many sporting professionals.

We are dedicated to developing and implementing ground-breaking technologies and environmentally friendly systems. Our passion for continuous improvement enables us to provide high levels of quality and service that are unmatched by other artificial grass manufacturers and our FIFA, World Rugby and FIH Preferred Producer status provides the assurance that our products are of the highest calibre.

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Sustainable turf in the GreenFields ECO-range

New standards shape the future of our industries, and we are committed to make our ecological footprint as small as possible. Synthetic turf for sports provides millions of people worldwide the opportunity to exercise, and enjoy sport at the best of their abilities, regardless of available space, local climate, and water availability.

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The benefits of woven non-infill turf

GreenFields MX NF - our woven Non-Fill turf - is the next generation of turf developed for the athlete, with the athlete. MX NF closely resembles playing on natural turf and offers an unparalleled playing experience, allowing players to perform to the best of their abilities. GreenFields MX NF is our durable and sustainable turf for tomorrow! 

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