GreenFields innovative turf systems for football 

Football is the world’s most played and most popular sport, so it is crucial to ensure an optimum playing surface. Over the years, GreenFields has driven innovation in football turf systems, with the most important factor always being the experience of the player.

At GreenFields, we maintain a strong dedication and commitment to developing and implementing ground-breaking technologies through our high-quality artificial turf systems. Through exhaustive testing, research and development coupled with strategic alliances, university studies, constant communication with our customers and international relations, we have an indispensable formula for always moving forward and constantly improving.

GreenFields offers a range of football turf systems designed to enhance the game of football and meet crucial FIFA specifications; from artificial 3G turf to hybrid systems.

3G systems     Hybrid grass systems     Non infill systems

GreenFields Pure PT

Our brand new football turf has been developed to match the properties of a high-quality natural turf and provide ultimate performance. GreenFields Pure PT is a 100% non-infill product that offers high player comfort while also being extremely durable.


GreenFields ECO-range footbal systems

The ECO-range consists of synthetic turf systems that all classify as having a low impact on the environment. The classification for each system is expressed with an ECO-label, designed to cover the most important aspects for a sustainable system namely: the material footprint, the carbon footprint, and the end-of-life recycling potential.

FIFA Prefered Provider for more than a decade

GreenFields was awarded Preferred Provider Status in October 2009 and is one of only seven preferred producers worldwide who received this prestigious mark of quality, having the ability to provide superior football turf installations.

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