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Environmental considerations are an integral part of operations and strategies at GreenFields, from product development, production and installation all the way through to the recycling of artificial turf systems. Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do to not only reduce the consumption of non-renewable resources but to ensure efficiency in the manufacturing process and the development of products today that can be recycled and used tomorrow.

GreenFields is a proud partner of the first circular artificial grass processing plant in the Netherlands

In various countries in Europe and elsewhere is an urgent demand for clean, safe and circular recycling of artificial grass as it reaches the end its lifespan. Many municipalities, sports clubs and other organisations are seeking options to dispose of their artificial turf in a responsible way. TenCate Grass Group and GreenFields have invested in the establishment of GBN Artificial Grass Recycling B.V. (GBN-AGR).

GBN Artificial Grass Recycling offers a solution by recycling the annual supply of end-of-life artificial grass into new, high-quality, circular raw materials. In 2020, GBN opened its first innovative circular recycling factory in the Netherlands, located in the heart of the circular cluster of the Port of Amsterdam. 

The recycling facility is fully sustainable, both economically and in terms of environmental impact. It is also realistic, as it relies on a solid business case and was developed by and for the industry. GBN AGR works in close collaboration with several industry partners. This guarantees the investments needed to recycle sufficient volumes of artificial grass.

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