16 Nov 2020

Evolution Pro for Dejbjerglund Efterskole

Top level outdoor sport environment at Danish sport-boarding school

Our partner Winther Gruppen recently installed a GreenFields Evolution Pro football pitch and Goal Station at Dejbjerglund Efterskole (a sport-boarding school) at the central west coast of Denmark. The school is focused on sports, exercise, and a healthy environment for young people. It aspires to provide the best football facilities and to achieve this goal the school was recently equipped with new, top level outdoor sports facilities.  

The students can now use the best facilities, where talent can grow. The pitch offers endless hours of technical training, and innovative training equipment from the Goal Station. Formerly, students had to travel to a nearby town to practice football, but those days are over. Now the pitch is just outside, ready for them to train all year long.

In our gym centre, many students are practicing gymnastics 3 to 4 evenings per week. With our newly installed pitch and technical area, my hope is that our students will also enjoy football in the evenings now, improving their skills and making personal progress: It doesn’t matter what level you are today, as long as you’re motivated to improve, which the new project should help with.”
Principal Kjeld Christiansen

About GreenFields Evolution Pro:
GreenFields Evolution Pro fields combine the benefits of incredible wear resistance with a natural looking appearance. An Evolution Pro pitch plays well and looks great for many years to come. Evolution Pro pitches offer best in class performance with outstanding playability and extreme resilience for high utilisation pitches. GreenFields Evolution Pro has the lowest material footprint in our entire product range.

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