Innovative shockpads for synthetic sports turf surfaces

Pitch Construction

The benefits of an Ecocept layer are multi-functional: TenCate Ecocept® offers a warranty period of 20 years, and the design and construction of Ecocept is simplified, leading to an increased efficiency and reduced cost.

Attractive total cost of ownership

  • Increased percentage of project cost is invested into sports performance, safety and longevity
  • Replacement of asphalt layer and shock pad into a single Ecocept layer; Ecocept performs the functions of both in one single layer
  • Significant savings of waste to landfill when Ecocept is used for a full-size installation
  • Recycling of old turf systems into the Ecocept layer ensuring removal of the old field meets all regulatory conditions

Improved water management

The excellent drainage performance reduces costly below field drainage: the performance base has capillary action, which drains rainwater laterally so that trenched drainage below the field is optional. Ecocept also allows the field to be irrigated with minimal water loss, reducing the usage of water. An irrigated field provides for enhanced playability and cooler field temperatures on hot days.

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