Innovative shockpads for synthetic sports turf surfaces

Pitch Construction

Given the growth of synthetic turf pitches in the past 20 years, the volumes of surfaces coming to the end of their life is increasing. This issues of sustainability in sports construction has never been so prominent. 

The patented technology TenCate Grass has developed, is based on recycled end-of-life synthetic turf and creates a closed loop solution which is more environmentally friendly. 

Did you know that:

  • One Ecocept field can contain up to 10 end-of-life synthetic turf pitches

  • Per field up to 190 tonnes of carbon emissions are saved - equivalent to the emmissions of an average size car for 22 years, or to planting 112 trees

  • For a new Ecocept pitch, up to 100 tonnes of material are diverted from landfill

  • Ecocept is flexible and can be used on a range of different ground conditions, including challenging sites such as contaminated sites, brownfield sites, and sites with poor quality ground conditions

  • At the end of its long life Ecocept can be re-granulated and paved again to extend the life-cycles of the system for a truly circular solution

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