19 Oct 2012

MX artificial turf at Seiryo High School


Seiryo High School of Kanazawa is located in Ishikawa, Japan. This school is known for its high-level sports activities, especially baseball and soccer. In 2012 AstroCorp, partner of GreenFields installed a GreenFields MX at this school. The GreenFields MX is a new artificial turf that is based on a patented weaving technique – the so-called “3D” technology. Compared to conventional production methods this method offers many advantages due to which the playing qualities come very close to natural grass.

The patented weaving technology allows for using materials from the same family, i.e. polypropylene and polyethylene. Because of the components of artificial turf, both the backing and the fibers are made of the same eco-friendly material, so that the artificial turf is 100% recyclable after it has served its purpose.

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