18 May 2011

Almere City - Evolution XQ artificial turf

Almere, The Netherlands

Almere City Football Club is a Dutch football club. The club was founded in 2001, and is an expression of the ambitions of the city council of Almere to play an active role in top sports. To that end, a sports club (Omniworld) was formed, which now comprises a volleyball branch, a basketball branch and a football branch. Before the 2010–2011 season the club was called FC Omniworld.

In 2011 Almere City picked GreenFields to install the Evolution XQ turf. Of course nothing can beat playing on a field of natural grass in perfect condition. But because of the weather in the Netherlands, expecting natural grass to meet the requirements for playing competitive matches all season is not very realistic. Natural grass has always been used as a standard in the development of artificial grass, which has been further optimised with the help of modern technology. Properties such as resilience, look and – very important – the way the ball bounces will be identical to natural grass on FC Dordrecht’s new pitch. In short: the new pitch will have only advantages for the players and the spectators.

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