1 Oct 2015

Cruyff Court Liverpool - TenCate Ecocept™

Liverpool, UK

Location: Liverpool, UK

Product: FT XP 40 with Ecocept Shock Pad

Date: Winter 2015

Project Description:

GreenFields were selected to construct the first Cruyff Court pitch outside of London when Cruyff Court, Anfield opened its doors in December 2015. The pitch was constructed using a TenCate Ecocept™ Performance Sports Base, which utilises a 50/50 mix of recycled rubber and plastic, and saves roughly 140 tonnes of materials from landfill for every full size pitch. This system gives an improved shock absorbency for players, due to the stability of the base, and provides several functions in a single layer. The turf product which utilises GreenFields® XP fibres offers a superior playing comfort with a natural appearance and soft surface. The fibres have a high split-resistance and are extraordinary durable.

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