15 Jul 2021

NSK Olimpiyskiy next stadium to opt for GreenFields XtraGrass to reinforce their football pitch

Ukraine, Kiev

NSK Olimpiyskiy in Kiev is the biggest stadium in Ukraine and one of the biggest in Europe. Both Dynamo Kiev and Shakhtar Donetsk play their league matches in this 70.000-seat stadium, as well as their European matches.

This summer, NSK Olimpiyskiy opted for GreenFields XtraGrass, to increase the number of playing hours in the stadium. The XtraGrass surface offers players increased stability due to enhanced artificial coverage and the pitch will remain green looking, all year round.

GreenFields’ premium woven hybrid product was selected based on the positive experiences with the XtraGrass training pitches of FC Shakhtar and the pitches at Arena Lviv and the Boyko Stadium in Mariupol.

The XtraGrass pitch, installed by GreenFields’ local partner ENGO Ukraine, offers players a first-class surface with perfect playability, combined with more playing hours and a better visual appearance.

GreenFields XtraGrass product sheet

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