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Sustainable synthetic turf

New standards shape the future of our industries, and we are committed to make our ecological footprint as small as possible. Synthetic turf for sports provides millions of people worldwide the opportunity to exercise and enjoy sport at the best of their abilities, regardless of available space, local climate, and water availability.

The synthetic sports surfaces industry requires a global focus on sustainability to make synthetic turf as ‘green’ as possible and improve its sustainability and impact on the environment throughout the entire life cycle of a sports pitch.

The GreenFields ECO-range covers a full range of turf systems, from entry level to high-end, designed for durable performance and an optimized sustainability classification.

For clubs and municipalities that want to opt for a durable high-performing sports pitch that is as eco-friendly as possible, GreenFields has the solution.

GreenFields ECO-range

The ECO-range consists of synthetic turf systems that all classify as having a low impact on the environment. The classification for each system is expressed with an ECO-label, designed to cover the most important aspects for a sustainable system namely: the material footprint, the carbon footprint, and the end-of-life recycling potential.


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