Water based synthetic hockey fields for high speed play and ultimate ball control

Hockey pitch

GreenFields is proud to play a role in improving the hockey experience for players around the world. Our innovative systems are tested extensively to meet governing body regulations and have been proven to maximise playing characteristics.

Our elite artificial water based GreenFields TX surfaces are developed for fast-playing modern hockey. They have incredible player reviews and are used by top international players around the world. The GreenFields TX product range is well appreciated by (semi) professional players for taking the game to a next level.

Reduce the fresh water footprint with GreenFields TX

During a hockey match, an average of 6,000 litres of water is used to irrigate the pitch. This is enough drinking water for a 3-person household for 6.5 years! In most cases, fresh water is used to irrigate the pitch, although water is scarce in several parts of the word. 

Improving water retention of our hockey products is one of our key focus points, as it results in substantial water savings, making half time irrigation redundant and instantly saving many litres of fresh water. An optimal water retention results in a smooth and consistent playing surface, offering fast play and enhancing the ball surface interaction and player surface interaction of the pitch.

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GreenFields TX: An Elite Hockey Surface

GreenFields TX Elite has been tested extensively by clubs playing at the highest level and was the official playing field for the 2014 Hockey World Cup and EuroHockey 2017.

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