Artificial 3G rugby grass pitches

Rugby pitch

A lot has changed… but not in the game of rugby! With the development of artificial grass surfaces over recent years, the opportunity for improving the playability of the rugby field has never been better. Just imagine training and playing without the thought of sliding around in cold and wet mud.

The development of artificial grass surfaces that replicate the playing qualities of good quality natural grass has stimulated much interest in the game of rugby. These surfaces, often described as third generation (3G) artificial grass, have a much longer pile than the previously used sand filled surfaces and are normally partly filled with rubber or rubber and sand mixes.

Our artificial grass rugby pitches have been designed to meet crucial World Rugby standards and have proved popular with a number of top rugby clubs including Glasgow Warriors and Edinburgh Rugby Stadium.

Our new high-tech woven systems are revolutionising sports turf technology and pushing the boundaries from that of traditional tufting techniques.

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