10 Jun 2014

GreenFields with by far most FIFA certified fields

GreenFields has constructed more football fields certified by FIFA than any other artificial turf company in the world. As you can see the difference between GreenFields and her competitors is very distinct! This is a perfect reflection of the quality of not only our turf but also the complete construction of the field. GreenFields was granted FIFA Preferred Producer status in 2009 and has now installed by far the most certified artificial turf systems for football worldwide. The number of fields continues to rise, making GreenFields the largest supplier of artificial turf fields to meet the exacting standards laid down by FIFA.


Only experienced manufacturers of artificial turf for football are eligible for FIFA’s Preferred Producer certificate. Knowledge of civil engineering, project management and maintenance is a FIFA requirement for the installation of an artificial turf system. The aim of this certificate is to protect the interests of consumers who buy and install the artificial turf. The fields must also meet quality, performance and safety requirements to secure as many benefits for the end user as possible.

Revolutionary field

Working in conjunction with technology group Ten Cate, GreenFields has developed a revolutionary new generation of turf football fields by the name of GreenFields ®MX. The field is inspired by nature and has been fully tested under all possible conditions. Thanks to patented weaving techniques, GreenFields ®MX is the first fully recyclable artificial turf system in the world. It is resilient, provides a natural playing experience and is made from materials that are safe for people and the environment. Jozy Altidore of the US National Team has the following to say about GreenFields ®MX: ‘It was truly unbelievable, by far one of the best turf surfaces I have ever played on. The game quality is even better than I expected!’


With years of development, production and installation experience, GreenFields has proven itself to be a leading specialist in artificial turf systems. In ten years it has installed more than 2,600 fields worldwide. With production facilities in South Africa, Korea, Algeria and the United Arab Emirates and partnerships in Australia, Russia and North America, GreenFields is responding to the demand for artificial turf for sport applications worldwide. Apart from the FPP certificate, GreenFields is also certified by the FIH (the International Hockey Federation) and the IRB (the International Rugby Board).

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