23 Sep 2015

TenCate Accorder® at the national stadium of Guinee – Bissau

GreenFields will be laying a GreenFields® Evolution XQ with TenCate Accorder® sub-base system at the Guinee-Bissau national stadium. The work has been commissioned by FIFA, who supports a large number of projects set-up to improve football and sports facilities in developing countries such as Guinee-Bissau. The West-African stadium will be the first to boast a GreenFields artificial grass system pitch fitted together with the innovative TenCate Accorder®. TenCate Accorder® is a product of TenCate Grass. Its integrated base layer consists of geotextile material with various pockets which are filled with local materials. The TenCate Accorder® offers unrivalled stability, excellent sports-technical properties and a long lifespan.

Benefits of TenCate Accorder®

The TenCate Accorder® offers a number of significant advantages over ‘traditional’ surfaces. It is a complete product, meaning it can be installed instantly. This sets the TenCate Accorder® apart from traditional bases, which consist of numerous loose components. Furthermore, the product is just seven centimetres thick, compared to at least 40 centimetres thickness in traditional bases.

The fact that the TenCate Accorder® is a complete product offers multiple benefits: less transportation of materials, less (more shallow) digging and easier, quicker laying. In all, these lead to significant time and cost savings.

 131st in the FIFA world rankings

Among the athletes using the stadium where the new GreenFields® Evolution XQ pitch will be installed, is the Guinee-Bissau national football team. Currently, the team stands 131st in the FIFA world rankings, though is gradually rising in the shadow is other successful African teams. In the space of ten years, the team has risen to its current position from 190th in the same rankings. The Guinee-Bissau stadium seats over 12,000 spectators.

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