13 Apr 2016

GreenFields sets the FIFA standard in Tunisia

Until a couple of months ago there were no FIFA certified artificial turf pitches installed in Tunisia but GreenFields has changed that rapidly.

Together with partner Witco Sports, GreenFields installed five pitches in Djerba , Carthage, Korba, Bourguiba and Kram. In Sousse there are two artificial pitches installed next to each other for top club Étoile du Sahel. During the next couple of weeks there will be four more pitches installed with our partner and will be installed according to the FIFA regulations.

FIFA Preferred Producer
GreenFields is the only FIFA preferred producer in the country. With the market being complex and very large, GreenFields decided to organize a FIFA seminar with exclusive partner Witco Sports at the beginning of March. The goal of the seminar was to inform installers, municipalities, government etc on artificial grass, standards and quality awareness. All pitches that have been installed by GreenFields are part of the FIFA Quality Program.

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