23 Jan 2020

Opening Cruyff Court in Malaysia


And that's 6! This week the Cruyff Foundation opened the sixth Cruyff Court in Malaysia. This brand-new GreenFields XP 40mm field in Mentuan will be a safe place for children from the community, but also for the pupils of the primary school next to it. It's a space that brings all people from the community together. The Cruyff Foundation Coaches are already trained and can't wait to finally start on their own Cruyff Court, creating chances for the next generation to play sports and develop themselves.

The Cruyff Court in Mentuan is built in a rural area in Kelantan, Malaysia. Near the city of Kotu Bharu, in the North East of Malaysia. The Cruyff Court is built at a primary school in Mentuan and will be used both by the school and the community surrounding the Cruyff Court. It will be a space where the community will come together. In November 2018 the Cruyff Foundation already trained local coaches, who will create the new Heroes of the Cruyff Court, local young people that will be role models for the whole community and especially the next generation.

The Johan Cruyff Foundation has a long-term partnership with our parent company TenCate Grass and supports and develops sports activities for children around the world by giving them a space where they can develop, space to make friends and space where they can improve their physical and mental health. In short; space to get the best out of themselves. GreenFields strives a similar goal; to enable everyone to play sport at the best possible pitch every day, everywhere: A perfect pitch for every player.

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