3 Nov 2020

First Ecocept e-layer installed in Spain

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OPSA, our Spanish sister company, installed the very first TenCate Ecocept RT base layer in Spain. The system (a GreenFields Slide Max Pro-pitch, installed on an Ecocept base layer) is installed at Campo de fútbol “Vivar Tellez” in Málaga. The football field can be used as 11-a-side and two 7-a-side pitches and hosts up to 4.000 spectators.


The 23 mm Ecocept base layer is installed on top of an asphalt layer, and is composed out of recycled turf (RT), recycled rubber, and a binder material. Because it is almost entirely made from recycled materials, it reduces the impact on the environment.

A GreenFields Slide Max Pro pitch will be installed on top of the Ecocept layer. GreenFields Slide Max Pro fibres are designed in a ribbed diamond shape to provide an advanced, ultra-durable turf with exceptional playing characteristics. This product is extremely resilient providing an extended life for pitches that experience high playing levels. The turf fibres offer exceptional split resistance for advanced performance with a natural visual appeal. GreenFields Slide Max Pro fields give great resilience and field coverage for all player levels.


The Ecocept Performance Sports Base is an innovative type of porous pavement developed to use below synthetic sports turf surfaces. The base acts as a combined structural layer and shock pad to ensure a stable surface whilst also reducing the loads experienced by players.

As part of a GreenFields system, Ecocept is specifically developed as the base for synthetic turf sports surfaces. It integrates seamlessly with artificial grass to enhance biomechanical properties and support performance.

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