8 Jun 2020

MX Elite in top-flight arena in Norway

New pitch for Sandnes Ulf football club - Øster Hus Arena

Our Norwegian partner PST Sportsanlegg has supplied GreenFields MX Elite in the Øster Hus Arena; a football stadium located in Sandnes, Rogaland, Norway. The Øster Hus Arena is the home base for the Norwegian football club Sandnes Ulf. The club is currently playing in the so-called 1. Divisjon, the second highest division in the Norwegian football league system.

Sandnes Ulf was founded in June 1911 as SK Ulf, and today has over 80 registered teams, making it the largest football club in Rogaland.

GreenFields MX Elite offers optimal performance characteristics. The patented woven technology results in an extremely high tuft bind, fibres that always stand straight, and an equal ball roll in every direction. The woven system makes the pitch more durable and offers a perfect surface to play on.

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